It is with a very heavy heart that we are forced to announce that CIAD Cape Town will no longer be taking place in March 2020 as a result of the precautionary measures put into place by our government in order to contain the spread of COVID-19.

We will share any further news online or on social media, so please keep checking back.


CIAD (Confederación Interamericana y Mundial de Profesionales de Danza /World Confederation of Dance Professionals) is an organisation belonging to an international network of professional dance unions, spear headed by Professor Rodolfo Edgardo Solmoirago.

CIAD’s objective is the promotion, development and growth of all dance forms performed by different cultural groups to achieve harmony and unity through arts and culture.  Their mission is to discover new talent and facilitate their professional development, both locally and internationally.

CIAD has hosted numerous events around the world and in March 2017, they hosted their first ALL DANCE GENRE event in South Africa.  The co-ordinator, Stephanie Singh from Aphrodite Belly Dance Studio, attempted to incorporate all the diversity found in the South African Performing Arts.

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